Factory Hot Selling Pregabalin Powder Cas 148553-50-8
Update time:2024-01-19
: +86 17786453813
: Wicker: kairunte3

CAS No. 148553-50-8

Name: Pregabalin

Appearance: Powder

Purity: 99%

Payment Terms: Western Union, Money Gram, BitCoin, USDT, T/T, Ali Pay, Wechat Pay, etc.

Delivery Ways: DHL, FedEx, etc all Express modes.

Delivery Time: 8-12 days after we receive the payment, door to door delivery, 100% pass customs.

We are a 10-year factory in China.

Top quality, high purity, high yield.

Contact me. I will reply to you in 10 minutes!

WhatsApp/ Telegram/ Signal: +86-16632975430

Threema: Y4VPH9FR

Email: Alice@saibain.com

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